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Ownership & Management:  This website is privately owned and managed by the Living With Media Group.

Fund-Raising:  Parkinson Niagara may partner with organizations and agencies whose mandate includes education, research, advocacy and/or fund raising with respect to Parkinson's Disease.  As such, this website may be used to promote fund raising efforts by these agencies including:  publishing of events, news and the display of logos/brand names of entities, commercial or otherwise.   The Living With Media Group does not publicly solicit funds from individuals. (see Sponsorship and Disclaimer)

Sponsorship:  The Living With Media Group accepts commercial sponsorship to help fund its operations.  It may, at its discretion, offer complimentary space directly to agencies that support patients and caregivers.

Site Content:  The Living With Media Group reviews all content to be published and retains the exclusive privilege of accepting same.  The Living With Media Group is not responsible nor it will be held liable for any content that is published on third party resources that are linked to the website.

*Disclaimer:  There are no third parties authorized to represent, solicit funds and/or use any trade name associated with the Living With Media Group.

Individuals or organizations that have been solicited by and have donated funds, gifts in kind, goods or services by anyone representing themselves as being associated with Parkinson Niagara, Living With Parkinsons and/or Living With Media Group other than the site owner, should report this to their local law enforcement agency immediately.

Living With Media Group and its owner assume no direct or implied responsibility and/or liability for any donations collected in its name by anyone other than Living With Media Group and its owner.  Please contact us for further information.  Any entity that uses the name, "Parkinson Niagara", "Living With Parkinsons", "Living With" or any iteration thereof without the express written permission of the owner do so entirely at their own risk and may be held liable for any unauthorized use.

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