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Local Resources (Niagara, Ontario)

The following support resources are located within the Niagara Region and provide many services that can assist Parkinsons patients and care givers.

Support Groups

VON Canada (Niagara) hosts weekly exercise/support groups throughout the Niagara Region.  See details below.
CANCELLED until further notice.

The South Niagara Health and Wellness Centre hosts a structured 4-6 week rehabilitation program that also acts as a support group.  For more information, see South Niagara Health and Wellness Centre below. CANCELLED until further notice.

The Parkinsons Society of Canada hosts a monthly support group for Parkinsons patients and care givers. When:  Fourth Wednesday of each month. Where: St.Columba Church, 7 St.Columba Drive, St.Catharines.  For further information call toll-free  800-565-3000  CANCELLED until further notice.

VON Niagara offers support and exercise groups in addition to educational seminars and workshops for caregivers and those with Parkinsons.  See the Parkinsons program information below or refer to the VON Community Health Guide. (Print version available on request.)

Space for all programs is LIMITED! For further information call VON Niagara: T.  800-263-7202

Parkinsons 101 Workshop

Have you been diagnosed with Parkinsons and don't quite know what to do next?  This free 3-part series will help patients and caregivers find answers to their questions as they begin their Parkinsons journey.


Caregiver Series "From Stress to Strength"

Are you caring for a family member or friend with a long-term health condition?  This free 4-part series will help caregivers learn about managing stress, coping strategies and linking with resources.



S.M.A.R.T. Parkinsons Program (Exercise & Support)

Regular physical activity helps to maintain flexibility, balance and strength.  It has proven to minimize many of the Parkinsons symptoms, extend the patient's mobility and give them an overall better quality of life.  *Weekly exercise and support groups are located throughout Niagara and participation is free of charge.  Pre-registration and assessment is required before participation.  *Note: Exercise sessions do not operate on statutory holidays.

Exercise/Support program locations & schedule as of January 2020

CANCELLED until further notice.

St.Catharines - Mondays 1p-2:30p - St.Columba Anglican Church, 7 St.Columba Drive

Pelham - Mondays 3p-4:30p - Holy Trinity Church, 1557 Pelham Street N.

Beamsville - Mondays 10:30a-12p - Albright Centre, 5050 Hillside Drive

Fort Erie - Tuesdays 10a-11:30a - St.Paul's Anglican Church, 32 Idylewilde Street 

Niagara Falls - Tuesdays 10a-11:30a - Coronation 50 Plus, 5925 Summer Street

Port Colborne - Wednesdays 10a-11:30a - Portal Village, 300 Elgin Street

St.Catharines - Wednesdays 1p-2:30 - St.Columba Anglican Church, 7 St.Columba Drive

Pelham - Wednesdays 3-4:30p - Holy Trinity Church, 1557 Pelham Street N.

The Steve Ludzik Centre for Parkinsons Rehabilitation CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! is a patient-centred rehabilitation outpatient program that is hosted by the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.  As part of the neurology program, it offers interdisciplinary treatment for patients exhibiting functional deficits as a result of Parkinsons. Download FREE brochure.

To be eligible, participants must be referred by their doctor, be medically stable, have the potential to improve functionally and demonstrate the motivation and willingness to participate. See Admissions Guidelines including the referral form to be completed and submitted by the patient's doctor.  For further information, contact: Scott Harris, Outpatient Programs Manager  T.  905-685-1381, x.85276  E. [email protected]

Other Niagara Support Resources

211 - Information Niagara ~ Find the information you're looking for - whether it's a municipal, regional, provincial, or federal government program, service or department or any one of hundreds of groups, organizations and associations across the Niagara region.  Call  2 1 1  toll-free from anywhere in Niagara.


Health related programs available to residents of the south Niagara communities of Fort Erie, Port Colborne and Wainfleet.  Caregiver and Chronic Pain Support groups available.  T: Fort Erie:  905-871-7621;  Port Colborne 289-479-5017

Brock-Niagara Centre for Health & Well-Being  CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE is dedicated to enhancing quality of life among individuals with chronic disease by focusing on disease management and the related social and health complications.  It is hosted at Brock University and features three programs:  SeniorFit Exercise, Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Cardiac Rehabilitation.  T: 905-688-5550, x.5585 E: [email protected]

Canadian Red Cross provides transportation and other support services. For more information call 905-680-4099.

March of Dimes ~ Since 1951 the March of Dimes has improved the lives of Canadians with disabilities through advocacy and service.  Telephone: 905-687-8484.

Meals on Wheels ~ Offers delivery of hot or frozen meals throughout Niagara.

Niagara Specialized Transit ~ Attending doctor and therapy sessions is important for Parkinsons patients.  The Regional Municipality of Niagara offers specialized transportation to eligible residents throughout Niagara.  T. 905-680-2052, 1-800-487-7765.


St.Elizabeth Health Care provides a full range of integrated care solutions that creatively respond to client, community and health system needs. For assistance with home health care services and services for caregivers in Niagara, contact the St.Catharines office. T.  1-877-397-1035

Senior Living in Niagara ~ Information, programs and resources for seniors and the disabled from the Regional Municipality of Niagara.  This website contains a lot of valuable information about Community Programs for SeniorsHealth and Wellness Resources and Support Organizations and Resources.

South Niagara Health and Wellness Centre - CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! The centre provides programs to support adults at risk for hospitalization.  The Ambulatory Rehab Program provides rehabilitation, wellness programs and community resource connections that incorporates a structured 4-6 week rehabilitation program for out-patients including those with Parkinsons.  It is a collaboration of various Niagara based community organizations and is hosted at Niagara College in Welland. For further information call 905-714-4407. Please click link for detailed information.


Welland Community Wellness Complex - CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! Opened in 2011, the complex offers over 80 different programs for the entire community.  Welcoming people of all ages and abilities, the accessible facilities include a therapeutic pool and hot tub, an exercise room, activity room and more.


YMCA Niagara ~ CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!  The YMCA is a charity dedicated to building healthy communities.   It supports more than  89,000 Niagara residents with 178 unique programs at 101 sites.  Multi-function community and fitness centres are located in St.Catharines, Niagara Falls, Welland, Grimsby, Fort Erie and Port Colborne.  No one is turned away regardless of their background or financial situation.

Additional resources not specific to Niagara can be found on the "Other Resources" page.

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