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Welcome to Living With Parkinsons

Posted on September 1, 2015 at 5:05 PM


We're back from a one year sabbatical to re-evaluate our accomplishments and determine if there is a future for these services.  During that time, we continued to maintain the Parkinson Niagara website.

After much consultation and consideration, we have concluded that after more than five years of helping our Niagara neighbours, the value to communities across Canada will increase as the Parkinsons community continues to expand. As such, our services will continue and with change.

The primary change is our name.  We have rebranded as "Living With Parkinsons" to reflect a growing need for these information services across Canada.  The name, "Parkinson Niagara" will still be used but less frequently.  The domain name will still direct you to local Niagara resources and contact information.

The second immediate change is our email newsletter.  It has also been rebranded with the new name and is now referred to as the "Niagara Ontario Edition".  In addition, we changed up the formatting to a new appearance which is much cleaner and easier to read.

The third change is that the website "News" page is now called "Blog".   It will still be the place to find news about Parkinsons from around the world and what's happening with us, using a blogging format will open up doors for us to invite guest writers with various expertises to write to the Parkinsons communities.  (Note:  At the moment, we are still using a relatively dated website and blogging system.  That will be changing in the next few months. We hope to launch the new web format by December, 2015.)

The fourth change will be how we operate.  Since this project began in early 2010, it has been managed and underwritten by the founder.  There is growing demand for these services within and beyond where it began - Niagara, Ontario.  The anticipated growth and changes of technologies to accommodate the growth will result in increased costs.  With that, we are now actively seeking commercial sponsors so that this service can continue to be available free of charge to end users.  You will begin to see limited ads appears in all of our Internet services - website, newsletters, social media.  We never wanted to commercialize this adventure, but it has become necessary to keep it going.  We will be limiting the amount and styles of advertising so to minimize the intrusiveness to readers.

With this in mind, we encourage our users to patronize our sponsors and tell them that Living With Parkinsons sent them.

The fifth change is an addition.  You should have noticed the new photo that graces the top of our website, email news and social media services.  This image evokes much of what we believe.  Debilitating conditions are not just about the patient.  They impact everyone that is in the patient's circle of influence.

The message in that image is, "Knowledge is Power And Hope is Everything.

"Living With" delivers information.  Used correctly, it becomes a powerful tool to the user and empowers them to maximize their quality of life.  As they are empowered to do and be better, they have HOPE!  Hope for a better life as they live through their condition.

It is our hope that what we do continues to help empower our neighbours and communities.

We would like to thank all of our viewers for following us since 2010. Please stay around for the emerging new chapter in the life of this adventure that we now call, Living With Parkinsons!

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