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Parkinsons Rehab Centre coming to Niagara

Posted on June 2, 2013 at 3:55 PM

May 13, 2013 - The Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre has announced the formation of the Steve Ludzik Centre for Parkinsons Rehab.

The new center is named after Niagara Falls resident and former NHL hockey player and coach, Steve Ludzik.  He was diagnosed and has been living with Parkinsons for about twelve years.

Ludzik and St.Catharines Member of Parliament, Rick Dykstra, have collectively provided nearly $85,000 in seed money to start the new local health center of excellence.

The new multi-disciplinary rehabilitation program for Parkinson’s patients will include: occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech language. The facility and program is the first of its kind for Parkinsons patients in Niagara.

Ludzik and a volunteer committee of organizers host an annual celebrity roast while Dykstra facilitates an annual "Hockey Night in St.Catharines"  event.  Both events are used to raise funds for local charities and Ludzik and Dykstra elected to pool and donate the proceeds from the previous events to facilitate the new center.  They have announced that they will continue to help fund the new center with the proceeds of future events.

The 2013 Steve Ludsik Celebrity Roast will take place on Friday, August 9 at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls.  Rick Dykstra's "Hockey Night in St.Catharines" will take place Saturday, August 10 at Jack Gatecliffe Arena in St.Catharines.  For more information and tickets, see Exstream Roasts.

For more information about the new Steve Ludzik Centre for Parkinsons Rehab, see Hotel Dieu Press Release.

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