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About Parkinsons

Parkinsonism (also known as Parkinson's syndrome, atypical Parkinson's, or secondary Parkinson's) is a neurological syndrome that affects the brain's dopamine producing nerve cells.  It is characterized by tremors, hypokinesia, muscle rigidity, postural instability and changes in speech and gait.  After diagnosis, treatments can help relieve symptoms, however, there is no known cure.  Approximately 93% of those diagnosed suffer from the chronic neurodegenerative form called Parkinsons Disease.

In 2017, there are more than 100,000 Canadians are living with Parkinson’s and approximately 6,600 new cases are diagnosed each year (based on annual incidence of 20 new cases per 100,000 people).  This number is expected to double by 2031.  Although the most common demographic are senior citizens, PD can be acquired by individuals of nearly any age.  Most are diagnosed over the age of 60; however, at least 10% of the Parkinson’s population develops symptoms before the age of 50.

About Living With Parkinsons

This website dedicated to

Arthur James Robinson

January 3, 1929 - April 18, 2017

This website was developed after Arthur J Robinson, of Port Colborne,Ontario, and his family encountering great difficulty in locating local Parkinsons support services. After searching for more than a month, they located the Niagara chapter of Parkinsons Society of Canada.  By meeting others that were living with Parkinsons, additional valuable support services came to light. Many were used that helped to maximize Mr Robinson's quality of life and that of his family.


During the first few months of meeting new friends living with Parkinsons, it became obvious that nearly all of them and their family support network had also encountered many challenges in finding local support and resources soon after the diagnosis.  The local medical establishment did not appear to have a reliable resource network for their patients, therefore, Mr Robinson's son moved forward to change that and help other Niagara residents find the help they needed.

This project officially launched as Parkinson Niagara on June 23, 2010 and has become the primary online resource in support of the Niagara residents that are living with Parkinsons.

In January 2013, the project was rebranded as "Living With Parkinsons". 

While this site will continue to focus on the personal needs of Niagara residents, it will become part of an expanded website that is being developed to serve other communities in Canada. Regional websites will provide resources and information for those respective local communities.

Mission:  To be the online community of choice for those who are living with Parkinsons Disease.

Purpose: To curate and publish information and resources that will be of value to Parkinsons patients, care givers and other stakeholders.

Scope: To offer services to those living and/or supporting residents of their respective local and regional communities in Canada.

Method: See Organization & Management


Living with Parkinsons has always been a free public service and we hope to maintain this standard.  As it expands to meet the demand of an increasing number of Parkinsons diagnoses, the cost to operate these services is also on the rise.  We value our sponsors that are interested in Parkinsons to help us pay our bills.  When you do business with one of our sponsors, you are helping all of those individuals that are living with Parkinsons!

Please tell our generous sponsors that Living With Parkinsons sent you!  Thanks.

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